Sales & CRM

Leverage your sales and CRM  data and improve execution process through AI and machine learning generated insights

(forecasting, activity optimization, segmentation, targeting, data driven campaign management)

Customer experience

Create AI driven improvements to your customer journey, recognize hidden inhibitors and accelerators for your customer success

(recommender systems, sentiment analysis, NPS analysis, churn and retention, online channels

Production insights

Achieve incremental improvements to your production processes through AI driven automation

(preventive maintenance, error detection, deviation reductions, image driven error detection)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Improve dramatically your business processes and automate interactions with customers and clients with AI driven natural language processing

(text segmentation, speech recognition, chat bots, automated translations, NLP interfaces,…)

Image and Video Processing

Deep neural networks offer unique capabilities for real time image  processing applications in many  business domains

(security detection, disease detections, image classifications and predictions)

Your business questions

Give us your toughest business question and we will evaluate how data driven AI can help to find relevant solutions

(reduce production errors, improve customer experience, automate manual processes, find/remove errors and fraud,….)